Kennedy Nursing Philosophy

Kennedy Health System’s Philosophy of Nursing arises from a commitment to safety that places patients and their families at the center of care delivery.  
Our focus on patient safety and compassionate care supports the organization’s mission of providing quality healthcare in an academic setting where we are proud to serve patients, the community and each other and aligns with the organization’s vision of transforming the healthcare experience for patients and their families through a culture of caring, quality, and innovation.  The foundation of our philosophy is built on the work of Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson utilizing the Five Environmental Factors and the 10 Carative (Caring) Factors to drive our practice.  Our belief in doing the right things for the right reasons provides the basis for Nursing Practice and drives our accountability to provide the highest quality nursing care in a respectful, compassionate, competent and efficient manner.   We build upon our foundation through the continuous development and refinement of our Nursing Practice through our model of shared governance and relationship-based care.  We recognize the most optimal patient care outcomes result from collaborative contributions of the medical staff and members of the healthcare team whose unique skills and expertise represent essential elements of the care process. We remain committed to working collaboratively with our colleagues, patients, and families to achieve our goals of excellent service and outcomes.

Holistic nursing care results from the integration of the art and science of nursing.   This integration incorporates empathy, compassion, critical thinking, practical experience, formal knowledge and clinical judgment in the delivery of nursing care while engaging the patient and their support system to identify needs, set goals and participate in the care process.  We believe this is best accomplished through application of the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.  We are empowered to work collaboratively for the development of a comprehensive, integrated, interdisciplinary and individualized plan for the care process that focuses the goals of care delivery on enhancing health, maximizing the recovery of function, transitioning to home or other healthcare facility and/or facilitating a dignified death.   We are committed to coordinating the efforts of the healthcare team in attaining individualized patient care goals and recognize that our role as educator represents a vital component for successful attainment of patient care goals.  We value our role as patient advocates and remain committed to respecting and protecting the rights of patients and families.

Safe patient care requires an environment conducive to clinical excellence that supports and facilitates the ongoing development of practice and continued clinical staff education. 
We are dedicated to  maintaining  a  healthy  work  environment  evidenced  by  skilled  communication,  true collaboration, meaningful recognition, transformational leadership, appropriate staffing and effective decision making.  We expect each nurse to take ownership for establishing and implementing an individualized plan for their own professional growth with the understanding that Kennedy Nursing Services will provide educational opportunities and foster an environment that supports the use of evidence-based knowledge at the bedside. We remain committed to the continued development and education of our clinical staff and the evolution of nursing practice in support of our patients, our profession and our community.