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Fitness and Dance Classes

Have fun and get fit with Kennedy.  We offer a comprehensive list of fitness and dance classes for most fitness and activity levels.

Questions?  Call our Wellness Office:  800-KHS-9007.
Kennedy offers fitness and dance classes for all levels of fitness.
Upcoming Fitness and Dance Classes

Resistance Training - 01/29/2015
Improve core balance, lose inches, tone entire body, as well as strengthen your bones in this complete workout.


Tone It Up - 03/04/2015
Sculpt your entire body while strengthening your core. Work at your own level with a variety of modifications.


20-20-20 (Low Impact) - 03/04/2015
This class starts with easy-to-follow cardio, then toning, and finishes with stretching -- 20 minutes for each.


Belly Dance Your Way to Fitness - 04/20/2015
Try Belly Dancing for fitness and fun. This introductory class is for beginners of all ages and a great way to tone core muscles and support better posture and balance.


Class Consent Forms

All participants in non ElderMed fitness, dance or exercise class must complete a consent form.

Exercise Class Consent Form

ElderMed fitness class participants must complete a physician consent form.

ElderMed Consent Form