For Thanksgiving, Think Positive with a Gratitude Journal
Friday, November 05, 2010
This Thanksgiving commit to positivity!
This Thanksgiving, commit to starting a gratitude journal. By writing down four or five things you are grateful for every day, you will begin to see the positive aspects of life and shun negativity.

Your list of items can be a simple as “I drove to work today and had all green lights” or “I saw a rainbow at lunchtime.” When you get in the practice of experiencing gratitude, your whole attitude toward life and humankind will change for the better. Gratitude journals can be written online if that is your preference, kept in a beautiful hardbound book by your bedside or even written in an inexpensive spiral bound notebook and kept in your handbag or briefcase. It’s not where you write it, it’s that you write it!

What better time of year than Thanksgiving to start showing your appreciation for the abundance of good things our life offers by volunteering? Kennedy offers a variety of volunteer opportunities suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. Call our Volunteer Services department at 856-488-6852 today and find out how you can help!