Physician Liaison Department
With ever-changing technology, complex issues related to running and growing a physician practice, and the increasing importance of collaborative ventures, today's doctors face a myriad of challenges and choices in providing patient care.

To assist you, Kennedy's Physician Liaison Department offers support, information and opportunities to our affiliated community physicians.

By providing direct liaisons between our physicians' practices and Kennedy Health , we have created a "win-win" whereby both doctors and Kennedy can maximize their current successes while planning for an even more successful future!

Kennedy Market Development coordinators work closely with Kennedy physicians and their office staff to enhance communications and identify ways to improve the efficiency of our clinical and ambulatory services. The Market Development department strives to create long-lasting and successful relationships based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to patients.

Contact Kennedy's to Physician Liaison Department for more information about additional services, including:

  • Hospital programs and services
  • Tours of the hospital and ambulatory facilities
  • Kennedy Medical Staff Directory
  • Physician practice space leasing/subleasing
  • Marketing/Public Relations (physician-related)

Kennedy's Physician Liaison Department staff are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For assistance, please contact:

Susan Pirollo, RDMS, Director of Physician Liaison Department

Laura Incollingo, Corporate Manager, Physician Liaison Department

Teresa Sallee, Corporate Manager, Physician Liaison Department

Toni Aprea-Conquest, Corporate Manager, Physician Liaison Department