Kennedy Q&A Live! Upcoming Sessions
Chat online live with a variety of Kennedy's healthcare providers on a number of topics.  From nutrition to surgical options and much more, join our growing community to get the latest healthcare information - Live!

WebChat | What you need to know about lung cancer

lung_cancer Live Chat with Naveen Malik, DO
November 10 at noon

Webchat | Knee Replacement Surgery – Am I too Young?

ortho_bike Ask questions about whether knee replacement surgery is right for you.

WebChat | What you need to know about Breast cancer

breastcanceraware Live Chat with Theodore Tsangaris, MD, FACS
October 10 at noon

WebChat | Superfoods for Weight Loss

Superfood Invest in your overall health and wellness by feeding your body the nutrients it needs.

Learn about important foods that everyone needs for optimal health and disease prevention.

How Can I Participate in an Online  Live Chat?

Visit this page to view the upcoming sessions and follow the link at the appropriate date and time to join in!


How Do I Ask a Question?


To submit a question, simply type into the text box directly below the chat display, then press "Enter" on your keyboard or click the "Send" button.


Will My Question Be Answered?


Participant questions are presented to the Kennedy healthcare provider panelist in the order in which they are received. Depending on the number of people participating in the session it may take a while for your question to appear. The Kennedy healthcare panelist will make every effort to answer as many questions as possible in the time allotted for the session.


If I Chat with a Doctor Online, Do I Still Need to See My Doctor in Person?

Yes, you will still need to see your personal physician. The information presented in the Kennedy Q&A Live! sessions should only be used for research and informational purpose.  Please take a moment to read the following disclaimer:

The information on this Website (including but not limited to live chat, emails, blog posts) is provided for general informational and research purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice, evaluation or care from a physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Nothing on this Website should be used for treating or diagnosing a medical or health condition or for replacing any relationship with a physician or other qualified healthcare provider. The information provided on this Website (including but not limited to live chat, emails, blog posts) does not constitute the establishment of a doctor‐patient relationship between you and any healthcare professional. No medications, diet supplements or treatments as may be described on this Website should be taken or begun without first consulting your physician or other healthcare provider. If you have or suspect that you have an emergency medical problem or condition, please contact a physician or other qualified healthcare provider immediately.

Can I Read Transcripts of Past Kennedy Q&A Live! sessions?

Yes! Transcripts of each session will be available here shortly after each session.