Kennedy Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John Mariani First In Region To Use Triathlon® Custom Fit Knee® With Shapematch Technology
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dr. John Mariani, Orthopedic Surgeon

Kennedy University Hospital Medical Staff member Dr. John Mariani is the first surgeon in the South Jersey region (south of Trenton) to offer knee replacement patients Stryker’s Triathlon® Custom Fit Knee® with ShapeMatch Technology. This 3D technology is designed to customize the knee replacement procedure to each patient through the use of 3D imaging software that creates a customized pre-operative surgical plan for each patient. Upon surgeon review and approval of the plan, single-use ShapeMatch Cutting Guides are developed for each patient based on the patient’s MRI or CT scans.

Dr. Mariani performed his first implant of the Triathlon Custom Fit Knee with ShapeMatch Technology on a 63-year-old patient from Glendora, NJ. Dr. Mariani is scheduled to perform more than a dozen additional Triathlon knee implants during September and October 2011 at Kennedy University Hospital in Washington Township, NJ.

Triathlon’s single radius knee implant is designed to work with the body to promote easier motion and, a study has shown, a more rapid return to functional activities after surgery. Additionally, it’s the only implant available with Stryker’s patented X3 Advanced Bearing Technology. Based on laboratory testing, X3 has demonstrated a lower wear rate which may result in a longer lasting implant, making this technology particularly important for younger patients.

Long-term demand for total knee surgery in the U.S. has been projected to continue increasing from 0.5 million procedures in 2005 to 3.48 million procedures in 2030. “The ability to contain costs and increase efficiencies while providing a new knee replacement technology like ShapeMatch to the community is important for our hospital to meet the demands for total knee patients well into the future,” said Kennedy President & CEO Martin A. Bieber. 

Stryker’s ShapeMatch Technology has the potential to positively impact hospital costs associated with various stages of the patient care continuum during knee surgery. A study has shown that a reduction in instrumentation may provide a shorter procedural time which may increase the potential capacity for additional procedures per day.

“I’m excited to offer patients undergoing knee replacement surgery the Triathlon Custom Fit Knee with ShapeMatch Technology,” said Dr. Mariani. “It gives me the ability to customize the procedure to each patient’s unique anatomy and reaffirms Kennedy’s commitment to provide our patients with leading orthopaedic technology and care.”