Kennedy Surgeon Dr. Louis Balsama and Veterinarian Compete in the Boston Marathon
Monday, March 28, 2011

Dr. Balsama and sister in the Boston Marathon

They’re brother and sister, both doctors (one who cares for humans, and the other, pets) and both runners. So it makes perfect sense that Kennedy surgeon Louis Balsama, D.O., 38, and his sister, veterinarian Dena Balsama, DVM, 37, would be ready to tackle the Boston Marathon on April 18th together.

The Balsama siblings have been running together for five years and have spent the last several months in serious training for the 26.2-mile run, the world’s oldest city marathon, held annually since 1897. Dr. Louis Balsama, who is one of Kennedy’s three bariatric surgeons (in addition general surgery) has been running for many years; he averages 8 miles a day, rain or shine. He qualified last May for the Boston Marathon by coming in under the 3-hour, 15-minute and 59 second qualifying time for his age group and gender.

Kennedy’s Bariatric Surgery Program Coordinator Lisa Shaw, RN, CMSNR, CBN --  who underwent bariatric surgery in 2009, with Dr. Balsama as her surgeon – plans to witness Dr. Balsama’s participation in the Boston Marathon. He added that he encourages his bariatric patients to engage in exercise and often works out with them at a local health club.