ER Wait Times

ER Wait Times

Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital

11 min.

Jefferson Stratford Hospital

9 min.

Jefferson Washington Township Hospital

47 min.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Jefferson Health's primary care practices in New Jersey have received National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level 3 Recognition for using evidence-based, patient-centered processes that focus on highly coordinated care and long-term, participative relationships.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have when becoming part of a PCMH. Your doctor and care team can provide additional information on this coordinated, personalized approach to care that houses all your healthcare needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a PCMH?

    PCMH stands for Patient-Centered Medical Home. It’s a medical practice that uses a team-based approach, led by your doctor, to make it easier for you to access the care, information and assistance you need, when you need it. PCMH practices leverage new health technology, increase your ability to stay in touch by phone and e-mail and have staff available to discuss your plan of care.

    You are now working with a doctor whose practice uses a nationally recognized approach to better health care. This means your practice meets or exceeds national standards to provide responsive, high quality, personalized health care. Jefferson Health is proud to be part of this nationwide effort to improve care.

  • How does being part of a PCMH benefit me?

    As a Jefferson Health primary and specialty care patient, you now have a “medical home” for all your health care needs. Using Jefferson as your first point of contact allows you to receive more coordinated, personalized care. You can expect:

    • Quality, team-based care led by your doctor that’s personalized, friendly and responsive
    • Coordinated care through your doctor, from start to finish
    • Access to the care you need, when you need it including nights and weekends
    • Enhanced communications with your care team by phone, e-mail and in person
    • Wellness and preventative care based on national guidelines
    • Extra support and resources to protect your health and promote wellness, including health education

    These services will benefit those who receive routine or preventative care, but are especially important for patients with chronic medical conditions or who have additional health needs. We also utilize Care Coordinators, who work as part of the clinical team, to provide you with the information you need and point you to additional resources when needed.

  • What are the advantages of having a PCMH team?

    One of the benefits of belonging to our PCMH is that your doctor has access to a team of health professionals and support staff to participate in your care. Members of your team communicate with each other routinely to closely monitor your health and stay up-to-date with your needs. You can rely on your Jefferson team to coordinate your care from routine visits to complicated medical needs. That’s what a PCMH is all about.

  • Does being part of a PCMH mean I have to change my doctor?

    No, one of our goals as a PCMH is to strengthen your relationship with your doctor to allow for better follow-up, continuity and coordination of care. Your doctor is available to serve as your primary point of contact, as well as a team of health professionals (Care Coordinators, Medical Assistants, and Professional Services Representatives) who offer support, information and assistance when you need it.

  • Do I have to sign up to be part of the PCMH?

    No, there is no separate enrollment process to join our PCMH. Patients who see a Jefferson Health provider for their care will automatically get all the benefits of being part of a PCMH. It’s that simple.

  • What makes a PCMH different?

    A PCMH is a new approach to care; it is not an insurance plan. It’s a better way to care for you that starts right at your doctor’s office.

    A few things are different:

    • Our practice has put improved processes and health technology to work for you to make key medical information available to your team during your visits, such as Electronic Medical Records and an online Patient Portal.
    • Our staff can help make sure you receive the preventative care, education and resources you need.
  • Will my copayment or health coverage change?

    Being part of our PCMH practice does not change your copayments or health coverage in any way, but it does change the way you receive care.  Many things stay the same, such as:

    • Your current primary care or personal doctor
    • Your health benefits and coverage
    • Your current referral and authorization process
    • Your copayments and/or deductible
  • Who is on my PCMH team?

    The doctor you have selected as your primary care or personal doctor heads your PCMH team and will call upon specialists, nurses and other health care professionals to participate in your care as needed. If your condition or needs change, your doctor can add people to your care team to better support you. Your Care Coordinator is also available to assist your doctor with follow-up services, provide you with information and point you to additional resources when you need them.

  • What happens when I need to see a specialist?

    Having your doctor suggest a specialist in the Jefferson Health primary and specialty care network is the best place to start to make sure all your care can be coordinated by your PCMH team. Your team works with an extended group of specialists and can provide a personal recommendation to a high-quality, in-network physician. Patients also have access to the additional services offered by the entire Jefferson Health enterprise – one of the nation's most comprehensive health care systems.

  • What do I do in an emergency?

    In case you have a medical emergency, call 911 first! Check in with us later so we can get your medical records from the hospital and arrange your follow-up care.

    If you are unsure if you are having an emergency, call us at 844-542-2273 to help decide if immediate care is needed.

  • Will I have to wait longer for an appointment in a PCMH?

    No, better access to health care is our goal as a PCMH. New technology, such as Electronic Medical Records and an online Patient Portal, is in place to give you better access to your team. When you call, you will get an appointment for the routine and urgent care you need as soon as possible.

  • Who do I call when the office is closed?

    Always make us your first point of contact and keep our phone number handy, 844-542-2273. Our call center is open after-hours and on weekends to address your health care needs. You can also access your medical information from anywhere at any time through our online Patient Portal.