Patient Satisfaction
Kennedy is committed to excellent patient care.
Service Excellence Vision Statement

Kennedy patients entrust us with three of their most precious assets: their body, their spirit and their health. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare experiences that warrant that trust. We accomplish this great task by a series of small acts that reflect our motto, "Treating You Well." By treating our associates and physicians well, they, in turn, will treat our customers well.

We will work to create a caring healthcare environment that cultivates services excellence, supports personal and organizational growth, and increases associate satisfaction, recruitment and retention remembering always that what we do for our patients today shapes who they are—and who we are—tomorrow.

Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey

We at Kennedy know that undergoing medical procedures can sometimes be frightening and difficult. That's why our physicians and staff are dedicated to "Treating You Well."

After your stay with us, you may receive a Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey in the mail. A percentage of Kennedy patients are randomly selected by Press Ganey Associates in South Bend, Indiana to receive the survey. Survey results are sent directly to Press Ganey which ensures the results are processed objectively. Press Ganey sends the data to Kennedy on a monthly basis so we can review the results and make necessary changes to improve the patient's experience.

If you receive a survey, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill it out and return it to us so we can acknowledge those who provided you with very good care and improve on areas where we can provide an even higher level of care.