VITAS Hospice Care

VITAS Hospice Care Patient Room

VITAS Innovative Hospice Care is a national provider of hospice services, caring for more than 10,500 patients daily in 16 states. Kennedy selected VITAS as our inpatient hospice provider because their mission and vision was an excellent fit for a partnership arrangement with Kennedy.

VITAS is a licensed provider of the service, which offers an end-of-life alternative in the continuum of care for physicians and their patients. Kennedy provides the space, ancillary and support services to this new unit at our Stratford Campus. The hospice unit is an "open unit," available to all Kennedy Medical Staff members who choose to follow their patients on the unit. VITAS will has several Kennedy-based physicians who will provide medical leadership over care in the unit.

VITAS Hospice Care - 856-346-7325