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‘Stratford Millionaires Club’ – Jefferson Stratford Hospital Associates and One Lucky Patient Win $1 Million from Mega Millions Lottery Pool

October 26, 2018Jefferson Health in New Jersey, Jefferson Stratford Hospital

Meet the “Stratford Millionaires Club" - a group of 141 Jefferson Stratford Hospital associates, and one patient, who entered into a group Mega Millions Lottery pool with $2 each. The lucky group learned Wednesday they collectively won $1 million as one of only two $1 million winners in New Jersey.

After the win went public, local, national and international news agencies alike gathered to learn more about Jefferson Stratford Hospital and those who “struck it big.”

When some of our associates were asked how they would spend their winnings, the responses were more than heartwarming: Wendy Sutherland,  Administrative Assistant, is giving her winnings to her son to help pay for his college education; Colleen Chiu, Administrative Assistant, is giving some of it to her cousin who is out of work and the rest to her daughter in college; Marianne Kraemer, Chief Nursing Officer, is starting a savings account for her four great-nephews and one great-niece; Dawne Piotrowicz, Corporate Director of Clinical Initiatives, is giving it to her son and daughter; Melinda Huggins, Administrative Supervisor of Nursing, is going to Hawaii with her family; Justin Malone, Housekeeping Attendant, is spending it on his kids for Christmas; and Bill Quick, Nurse Manager, is taking his grandkids to Universal Studios in Florida!

The real question is, how did one of our patients get included in the lottery pool?

Earl Livingston, 87, of Blackwood, was walking to the store Tuesday - to pick up what he hoped was his winning lottery ticket - when he had an unexpected fall and broke his hip. He was taken to Jefferson Stratford Hospital, where he shared his story with associates and expressed his disappointment in missing the chance to buy a ticket. Without hesitation, he was included in the lottery pool.

Not long after, hospital associates informed Livingston that he would join the other 141 winners as the now world-famous “Stratford Millionaires Club.” Each member of the pool took home roughly $4,800 after federal and local taxes.

Who knew something so amazing could happen right in our backyard?