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Let the Right Choice Be Your First Choice; Learn How the Lung Nodule Center Provides Proactive Treatment

November 20, 2018Susan Jones and Dr. Monteith

In April 2018, Susan Jones, of Vincentown, NJ, was at her Primary Care doctor’s office, when she spotted a brochure for the Lung Nodule Center at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Washington Township.

Susan, 66, recalled a recent CT scan that revealed a small nodule on her lung. Her doctor merely suggested they wait six months to a year to check it again. Having lost her mother to lung cancer 30 years ago, pushing this off was the last thing Susan wanted to do.

Wanting a second opinion and a doctor who would be proactive with her care, Susan called the Lung Nodule Center. From the time of her first call with Oncology Nurse Navigator Sandy Murray, and throughout her cancer journey, Susan was reassured that she made the right choice.

“Sandy told me that I needed to be checked now, in case there was more than one nodule,” Susan said. “She truly went above and beyond for me. My appointment was scheduled for the following week.”

At her first visit, Susan met with Dr. Jay Kirkham, Interventional Pulmonologist, and Dr. Duane Monteith, Thoracic Surgeon. Much to her surprise, they conducted a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) on the same day.

“At that point, I knew that they weren’t going to ‘hem and haw,’” Susan said. “Everybody was proactive and doing what was best for their patients.”

After a series of scans, Dr. Monteith told Susan that she could wait and see if the nodule continued to grow, or they could do a lobectomy. She opted for surgery, which was scheduled for late May.

“I knew that I wanted to have surgery to find out whether or not this was cancer,” Susan said. “I was actually energized when they told me this would be taken care of so soon.”

Once again, Susan found herself impressed. Two weeks before her surgery, a nurse was sent to her house to draw her blood.

“I didn’t have to make the trip again,” Susan said. “It was obvious they were doing everything they could to make me feel comfortable.”

Susan experienced no pain, while recovering at Jefferson Washington Township Hospital.

“From the time I left the hospital, until now, I’ve done nothing but improve,” Susan said.

For Susan, patient navigation, early detection, and the dedication of her specialists were key to survival.

“I had absolutely no cancer treatment after my surgery. I didn’t need it,” Susan said.

“If you’re hesitant to be screened for lung cancer, just remember that you never know until you’re tested,” Susan said. “If you want peace of mind and your best chances of survival, you need to check it out.”

If you or a loved one is concerned about being at-risk for lung cancer or has been screened previously and wants a second opinion, we’re here to help. The Lung Nodule Center’s multidisciplinary approach to screening lung cancer is revolutionizing treatment across the region. For Susan, survival was one life-saving call away.

To learn more about the Lung Nodule Center at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Washington Township, please visit