ER Wait Times

ER Wait Times

Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital

14 min.

Jefferson Stratford Hospital

8 min.

Jefferson Washington Township Hospital

15 min.

Pris- Zippity Fund

Pris-Zippity Fund

Phyllis White saw first-hand how the cold impacted her late sister, Priscilla McClure, during her dialysis treatments – and came up with a solution: a specially designed sweatshirt that allows access via zippers for treatment, which keeps patients warm.  In late 2015, White began donating these specially-made “Pris-Zippity” sweatshirts – so named in memory of her sister – to Jefferson Health in New Jersey’s Dialysis Centers.

Pris-Zippity has currently given over 400 sweatshirts to Jefferson Health in New Jersey Dialysis Centers.  Your gift will provide hundreds of patients receiving dialysis treatments the gift of warmth - one zipper at a time!

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